This is one of the profitable solutions for the Elysian digital services because it not only creates brand awareness but also establish brand loyalty. I am sure many of you don’t know that what is digital PR? So let me first introduce you to the digital PR which is an online marketing strategy formulated by Elysian digital services in order to establish and increase their online presence. Along with the digital, we are providing traditional PR as well but you can’t deny the fact that digital PR is rapidly overtaking traditional one. Due to this, our focus has shifted from traditional one to digital. The Digital PR strategies have a positive effect on the website and their functioning. They require a proper understanding of Google’s ranking in order to improve the visibility of a website.

Now let’s talk about some of the Digital PR strategies we have adopted

• Published articles online - Publishing on high authority websites have improved our SEO and ranking and also pushed up the ranking for our target keywords. • Networking- To gain high-quality backlines, we have networked with editors and journalists. • Online coverage- We have adopted full media coverage and offline press events for brand awareness and loyalty. • Affiliated Programs- These are established to pay bloggers who refer customers to our business. This is kind of commission we pay to them.

For measuring the success of Digital PR, we have come up with some tools

• Google Analytics- This tool can be helpful for you to measure the traffic coming from the articles which are published online by influencers. You can also use this tool to know about spikes incoming traffic from influencer links. • Buzzsumo- This is one of the preferred tools to track the articles published about your business. • SEMrush- This can be used to check improvements in keyword visibility. They will also support improvements in the ranking of your WebPages. • Moz’s open site explorer- This can be helpful for you to check your website’s backlinks. You can also use this tool to check domain authority of your website.
Elysian digital services are providing a vital component of online marketing for your business that truly wants to dominate in its market. To achieve the best results, we are providing solutions that secure business rankings and improve traffic as well.