6 Best “WordPress plugin” for digital marketing agencies

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6 Best “WordPress plugin” for digital marketing agencies

Digital marketing agencies are using WordPress either for making clients website or for its own company. Most of the people in the world are using WordPress because it’s easy to handle, simple to configure and a most effective way to build a website.

According to a survey, 75 million website is on WordPress, 409 million people view every day, a total number of 23.6 billion pages each month and 69 million views of post per month at last if we talk about comments then its 46.8 million new comments. So it’s clear that most of the people are using this content management system based website. WordPress plugins are also used because they are considered to be the customizing tools for it. Now, for this reason, we are listing some plugins which are most commonly used and are considered to be the best.

WordPress Plugin

1.Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast plugin is commonly used in every website, It’s a most powerful plugin and used to optimize websites. This plugin is used to optimize content according to search engine optimization.

What are its key factors?

  1. Easy to use and handle.
  2. Content optimization is the main factor.
  3. Focus keyword is used for keyword implementation.
  4. Also, readability option is given for optimizing content according to SEO.
  5. Image optimization is also the key factor of the Yoast plugin.

But use it wisely sometimes it creates an issue like your website bounce rate will increase. And this could affect your website traffic, just because Yoast plugin tells to buy its premium version in which we can give more than one focus keyword and it serves you as a paid member of this plugin.

2.Autoptimize plugin

Are you worried about your website speed? Now, for this reason, the best plugin is Autoptimize.

What are its key factors?

  1. Easy to Use and easy to handle.
  2. Page speed will increase tremendously.
  3. CSS, Html, JS files are optimized

Most important thing is that you don’t have to put optimized codes to your website just simply tick the option and all steps are taken by this plugin and your page speed will increase. Just keep in mind don’t use any other plugin like Cloudflare at one time because both are used for increasing website speed. Anyone from them can be used but Cloudflare gives SSL certificate which is also a useful way to speed up your website.

3.Simple 301 redirection 

Simple 301 redirection allows solving redirects issues when you create a website posts and pages.

What are its key Factors?

  1. URLs could be changed and will target according to keyword because lengthy URLs are not good according to SEO point of view.
  2. Pointing out different URLs which need to be redirected.

It’s useful but most of the redirection will be done from the hosting server in the .htaccess file.

4.WP Smush

WP smush is an image optimization plugin which is used to compress the image, which will speed up your website and boost it to open in fewer seconds.

What are its key factors?

  1. Image compression, you don’t have to go the different website to compress image all you have to install this plugin.
  2. Photoshop images take more space and if used directly to a website, then it takes lots of space and WP smush helps in this optimization.


Backwpups is a unique plugin helps in creating the backup for a website since anything can happen in a website so you have to keep a backup of your website. This plugin will help you to create a backup of your website and its free plugin but if you want an automatic update of your website then you have to purchase the paid version of this plugin.

What are its key factors?

1.Easy to use

2.Easy to collect all data of your website

3. Paid version has extra features

6.Akismet anti-spam

Akismet anti-spam plugin helps to save your WordPress website from spamming.

And it is an award-winning plugin can help to scan blog post and website, use this plugin to scan comments in the website.

You can also integrate Contact form 7- first of all, it collects data and emails before submitting comments which could help you to save time.

What are its key factors?

1.Build to protect spam comments

2.Easy to use

3.The plugin is totally free

4.integration with contact form 7

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