5 ways to improve website ranking on Google search engine

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5 ways to improve website ranking on Google search engine

Steps to improve website ranking

1. Content should be Relevant

Content should be relevant to your given topic and content should be unique, And the type of content is that it could be sharable. Most people like a content which are relevant to the topic if this could not serve then search ranking could not get better. If the content is of current news blog so, you have to find a current topic for that article.

2. Content updating

Content should be updated and fresh according to the subject because search engine searches some fresh content so you have to keep updating your content.

3. Metadata

  • Metadata or meta content are very important according to search engine optimization. There are following important terms in the metadata.
  • Meta title: Meta title are the uppermost meta option of a website where a short title with the primary keyword is given for a website.
  • Meta description: Meta description is given after the meta title in which some primary keyword and some more relevant keyword are given describing proper description for your website.
  • Meta keywords: Meta keywords are given because it consists of all primary and secondary keywords and the keywords which are analyzed in Google Keyword Planner. These all are included for search preferences and can get your website at the top of search result after using SEO analysis.

4. Link worthy website

Normally developer or content writers use “click here” to see more content but this technique is not good for search engine instead of writing click here type a keyword rich term which will open a proper relevant page.

5. Alt tag on Images

The alternative text description is the most important term in search engine optimization, video and images are given proper alt tags. Alt tags are used for the relevancy of the images that if anyone searches a topic then search result shows some images these images are likely to appear if they have proper alt tags.

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