10 Effective ways to promote your content through social media

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10 Effective ways to promote your content through social media


Visuals are the best.

Most of the social media enthusiast use social media for showing their visuals (they may contain images or videos) to promote their work or business. Nowadays People watch visuals more than any written content but if you mix these both together you can make a perfect combination target your followers or make more followers.

Headline matters a lot    

The most effective is your punch line or header line of your social media post. You can target the audience by using your effective header line, most of us use a header line which is normally showing your daily life activities but when you are using your social media you have to target the audience emotionally to follow you back on

Customization is useful

When you are posting something to your social media decide on which area you are targeting, if your business is e-commerce so targeted area will be product related communities. And these communities are of many followers. So, your headline, description, visuals and including #tags can be of the same keyword.


Timing matters a lot

Decide on which geo-targeted area you are posting, and just because of this there timing also will be the difference. So, your posting time will be according to that region.


Re-targeting your audience

Once you post something in your social media platform try to re-schedule or re-post that content once in a week. Because every time you post maybe some new person will read that post and you will gain an another like or follower.

Q & A section

Try to create a post where your followers can take part in a Q & A and this could help you to engage more people in your post and visibility of that post can get more reach.


Pay to gain

See if your post is not curated and unique one you can just pay to gain more audience or to get more reach to your post. Social media nowadays focusing on paid marketing, so you have to run campaigns for different social media to gain audience or followers. paid advertisement through social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc

Endorse your brand

If you think that by making a page in a different social media you can endorse your brand then this will take some more focus to make your business to become a brand. Try to focus on your employees’ social media account, tell them to join your community or page and do sharing of each and every post. You can say it is like blockchain related business if you make one person then another person can join some more persons.

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