10 Best Pay-Per-Click Advertising Tools

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10 Best Pay-Per-Click Advertising Tools

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

  1. Adwords

Adwords is a complete set of online advertisement tool which is known as a pay-per-click. This tool is well known by the online advertisers and is helping many advertising industries.

  1. Keyword Planner

keyword planner it’s well known by digital marketers and a very useful tool to get keyword idea. Google keyword planner helps in getting keyword analysis data and can be used in Search engine optimization and pay-per-click.

  1. Display Planner

Display Planner creates a display advertisement it’s useful to get conversion rate optimization and it can help you to get more leads in a very convenient way.

  1. Conversion Optimizer

Conversion Optimizer uses Google data to get more nurture and conversion at a very low cost. It helps to avoid unprofitable clicks. Its free and can help you in taking the conversion.

  1. Spyfu

Spyfu is a useful tool, which gives you keyword analysis, a rank of the keyword, competitors analysis etc. Its unique technique of competitor’s analysis is best, you can easily find which key of a competitive website is ranking and you can find details of your competitors.

  1. Wordstream

Wordstream helps to organize pay-per-click campaigns. It contains many techniques in which landing page and lead management tools are new. We can easily view PPC reports of every month’s changes in a unique display format. It has functionality like keyword grouping, keyword analytics, keyword organization, long tail keywords etc.

  1. Wordhippo

Wordhippo helps to find synonyms and antonyms and also negative keywords.

  1. Adwords Performance Grader

A free tool which helps to understand the campaign performance and PPC best practices.

It shows overall grades and individual grades in the area of the pay-per-click advertisement.

  1. PPC Web Spy

It helps to find competitor keywords quickly and also helps to find the actual adds which your competitors are running. And also cost per click for each keyword which your competitor bidding.

     10. Agile Bid

It manages PPC campaigns in Google AdWords and Bing Ads. It searches for the best bidding keywords and if some keyword is not performing well then it automatically shut them off.

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